How to Hire a Limo Rental Company

 An event like a wedding is an important milestone for the couple who’s about to get married. It can be a very memorable moment if the bride arrives in a luxurious vehicle, like a limousine. If you are the wedding planner and the bride is worried about the cost, you should encourage her that a limo is not as costly as she imagines it to be. 

Although looking for a great limo rental company is such a hard task, it will pay off once the bride experienced a luxurious arrival. In this article, we will give you tips on how to look for a wedding limo Saratoga NY and how to pick the right one.  

1. Check Reviews and References 

One of the best way to look for a great limo rental company is ask people who have had rented such vehicles in the past. Check some review web sites because you will find a lot of good and bad reviews about a company there. These sites will give you an objective insight about the company’s service and how they were able to satisfy the needs of the customers.  

You can ask your friends or colleagues about the limo rental company they’ve worked with in the past. If you’re a wedding planner, for sure you’ve worked with such companies before. But if you’re on different location, you can ask other professionals for their recommendations.  

2. Years of Experience 

The experience of such business is important especially that they’re going to transport people to an event. To give you a peace of mind about the smooth ride and transaction, it’s best that you hire a company with ample amount of experience. If the company you found that meets your requirements but still new in the business, ask about the experience of their drivers.  

3. Vehicle Types 

There’s not only one kind of limousines available in the market. There are many different types of limo you can chose from, depending on the event. There are stretch limos, shuttle buses, stretch SUVs, custom-built trolley and Mercedes sprinters. A good company can offer you at least five different types of limo to choose from. A small company has less availability to offer.  

4.  Check the Vehicle 

Since the event is super important, give some time to check the vehicle in person. It is super disappointing when a bride is picked up by an old and worn limousine. The vehicles might look good online but you should check and confirm that the vehicle you choose and paid for is the one you will really get.  

5. Cost 

If you’re on a budget, the cost will really affect the type of vehicle you will choose. So when you book for one, make sure that you asked the final rate of the vehicle. The final price should be inclusive of all the additional charges like fuel surcharges, tolls and admin costs.  

6. License and Insurance 

It’s important that the company you’re renting the limo from has the necessary documents like license, insurance and certification. The vehicle should be approved by the DOT and the drivers should have the proper training.  

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